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Anti-Bark Collars
Anti-Bark Collars

A bark collar is an ideal training collar to reduce nuisance barking. The anti bark collar is harmless to your pet and can use several forms of correction including static, ultrasound or spray, all of these forms are safe and effective.

Pets find the anti bark collar lightweight and comfortable. Anti Bark products have a range of levels and sizes to suit all pets. Be assured that your pet is happy and that there will be no complaints from your neighbours about dog barking.



Anti-bark collars are also known as the spray collar, electric dog collar, dog shock collar, ultrasound anti-bark collar or static anti bark collar. Also known as no bark collar, anti bark, training collars, citronella collar and collar to stop dog barking. Over time your dog will realise that the barking is unwanted and he or she will modify their behaviour.

Ssscat Cat Deterrent
Ssscat Cat Deterrent

Ssscat is an ideal cat repeller for the home. This environmentally friendly cat deterrent is the ideal cat repallant to train your cat. Ssscat is an automated cat repeller with motion detector. Ssscat controls pets behaviour whilst you are not there.

Ssscat is an unscented, easy to use cat repellent acting as an ideal cat deterrent in any part of the home. This cat repellant can also be used to deter dogs.

Try the newest cat repellent on the market for a harmless way to deter pets and stop unwelcome visits from your pet on all your work surfaces.

Remote Dog Training Collar
Remote Dog Training Collar

Use a remote dog training collar in a range of sizes to control pet behaviour. The pet safe collar is tried and tested by professional trainers.

An ideal dog training aid, a remote collar puts an end to nuisance barking and other unwanted behaviour. A remote collar uses a remote hand held activator to train your pet whenever it displays unwanted behaviour. Pets quickly learn to moderate behaviour leaving both the pet and its owner happy.



Training is via a shock dog collar or dog bark collar.

Beaphar Calming Collar
Beaphar Calming Collar

A Beaphar calming collar is ideal for all breeds of dogs and cats. Helps calm dogs in scary situations such as thunderstorms, travelling, fireworks etc by use of dog appeasing pheromone. The calming collar contains a synthetic dog pheromone or cat pheromone to replicate the calming effect a mother has on its young.

A calming collar from Beaphar will release dog pheromone or cat pheromone to reduce anxiety. Dog appeasing pheromone is completely safe with a natural calming effect.

The cat collar contains a safety mechanism to allow release should the cat get into difficulty. The dog collar reduces excessive barking, destructive behaviour and inappropriate marking. For cats and dogs, the collar should achieve the desired effect after a preiod of 45 days continuous use.

Gentle Leader
Gentle Leader

Beaphar Gentle Leader is designed to train your dog to stop pulling on the lead. The Gentle Leader has a unique triple action. First, pressure is transferred by the Gentle Leader to the back of the neck to stimulate a relaxed response second, the gentle pressure around the muzzle creates a further relaxed response and third, the Gentle Leader works like a halter on a horse - where the nose goes, the body follows.

The Gentle Leader is available in three sizes, all in red or black. The Gentle Leader can be used on any dog from the Westie to the Great Dane.

PetSafe Invisible Fence
PetSafe Invisible Fence

The PetSafe invisible fence is ideal for keeping your pet in your garden without the use of pens, leads or high fences. Simply place the wire around your property and the electronic collar will alert your cat or dog that he or she is straying close to the boundary. If the pet moves further towards the boundary the invisible fence will apply a safe static correction.

Full training details are included with the fence to ensure that your pet understands the purpose of the correction.



The PetSafe invisible fence is also known as a dog fence or cat fence. An electronic shock collar is worn by your pet and is used to apply the static correction which is completely harmless but is enough to distract the pet and remind them they are approaching the boundary. The Petsafe invisible fence works with cats and dogs and any number of additional collars may be purchased for any additional pets. The standard system comes complete with enough wire and flags to provide a fence around a third of an acre, but additional wire and flags can be purchased to increase this to 25 acres.

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